Howdy trippers, Zeus here. I’ve been busy lately dealing with a fake ass Christian bitch who doesn’t practice what she preaches, cheap niggas who try to get fronts on weed all the time, and white bitches who don’t know what the hell they want. Buuuut I’m bout to be tripping balls tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be back at peace ^_^

Anonymous: Where you at? I miss your post.

I am a little bit busy these days and I really don’t know where Zeus is.. Sorry

Anonymous: I smoked weed for the first time today and didn't feel anything. All my friends took a few drags and were high but I had 2 joints and felt nothing? What's wrong with me?

It can be normal that the first times you smoke you don’t get high. (I felt the same way like you)

Anonymous: Hey ! I'm just wondering : I'm a total noob in drugs (smoke weed only once) and I'll try shrooms this summer. Is it really cool ? Is it really dangerous ? Have you tried it ? I'm just doing drugs for the sake of hallucinations. Thanks

When you take shrooms, you tend to reach a different level of consciousness. Not just because you’re tripping off of a psychedelic, but because the drug stimulates the parts of your brain which inspire creativity and philosophy. Your perspective changes on several things including the way things work, life, your purpose, the world, the universe, etc.

Anonymous: I'm taking one LSD tab, is there any way to know how long I'll trip or is it different for everyone

Anywhere from 8-16 hrs but there also can be some variations.

hello-rello: name all the drugs you've done

Here’s the order I did them.  Lean, weed, alcohol, adderall, pcp, mdma, bkmdma, lsd, 25c, oxycontin, shrooms, cocaine, meth, 25i, xanax, 

Anonymous: Does smoking weed make you lose brain cells?

No, but drinking sure does